[box]Eurofest was awarded Warringah’s EVENT OF THE YEAR for 2012[/box]

The Festival site lies on Ararat Reserve, nestled in the bush at the southern end of Bantry Bay Road. In the 1970s a series of land grants allowed several ethnic clubs to build club houses in waste land in the area. Having achieved this, the clubs joined together with Council and the State Government to clear land for a football field. The clubs then formed a committee to hold a multicultural festival on the site.

The theme was cross cultural awareness. The idea was to give the local ethnic community an opportunity to showcase their cultures, and the rest of the area an opportunity to visit and demystify the clubs. Above all the festival was to be a fun day for all the family.

And so Eurofest was born.

The first festival in 1992 was held on one day only. It proved to be so popular that from then on Eurofest became a two day event.


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